An IMMEDIATE DENTURE is a temporary denture that is placed at the extraction appointment therefore allowing the patient to socially function without the embarrassment of having missing or no teeth. This denture will become ill fitting as the gums around the extraction sites shrink and tissues heal.  With immediate dentures, the fit, appearance, comfort, and ability to chew are difficult to predict and vary greatly from patient to patient.  Immediate dentures require adhesives and/or temporary liners during the healing phase as the natural remodeling of the bone and gums occur.  In many cases, a second sugery called an alveoloplasty is perfomed to remove any sharp or painful bony areas.  Immediate dentures will likely need replacing after a 4 to 6 month healing time depending on the amount of tissue change that occurs. 

For some patients, a reline can be performed when tissue changes are minimal.

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